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Leche Únicla, International Superior Taste Award

The world’s best palates have acknowledged the outstanding flavour of Leche Únicla milk, and have awarded its different varieties the highest scores in the latest editions of the International Superior Taste Award, granted by the International Taste & Quality Institute (ITQi), which is like the Michelin Guide for food products. The iTQi jury, the leading organisation which…

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Leche Únicla’s new milk cartons are UNIQUE: 0% emissions

Únicla has taken another step in its policy towards protecting the environment, by adding the certification of CarbonNeutral® to its new carton. This distinction guarantees that the manufacturing process reduces its emissions to zero. This makes it the first and only dairy company to establish this sustainable practice, whose main aim is to minimise the environmental impact of…

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Únicla dairy farms are certified in animal welfare

Our Únicla dairy farms have the AENOR Animal Welfare certification and are the first Galician dairies to comply with the necessary requirements to obtain it. Throughout our enterprise we have distinguished ourselves for being pioneers in production methods, processes and products, as recognised by the ISO 22000 quality standard, which our dairies also boast. The…

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Únicla milk

The secret of Leche Únicla: Our cows’ diet

Únicla milk is natural because it has no additives at all. Its properties and benefits are the result of supplementing our cows’ 100% natural diet with flax seeds to obtain the full benefits of the spring pastures 365 days a year. This is the only secret behind Únicla milk’s outstanding nutritional properties, which make it a highly…

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