La leche Únicla es 100{9d5dcb958a9179dd1ad655ba9fb084b1768baaf73050fac7e2d62157771e47e4} natural, sin añadidos. La leche de mejor sabor del mundo es leche gallega 100{9d5dcb958a9179dd1ad655ba9fb084b1768baaf73050fac7e2d62157771e47e4}

The best tasting milk in the world is 100% Galician milk

Do you know where the richest milk in the world comes from? From Galicia. The best tasting milk in the world is 100% Galician milk. Thanks to our climate, with mild temperatures and abundant rainfall, we treasure wonderful pastures and forage crops. This wonderful land and the differentiated feeding of our cows make possible the most delicious milk on the market.
Únicla milk is a unique milk, both for its nutritional properties and its extraordinary flavor.

Únicla, a very healthy milk

Únicla Milk is a differentiated milk, with a profile of its fatty acids improved in relation to other conventional milks, obtaining 12% more of polyunsaturated fatty acids (‘good fats’) that are of higher nutritional quality than saturated fats, and Higher Omega3 content gives it heart-healthy properties.

The Únicla Milk is a natural source of Selenium and Calcium.

Our secret: Feeding and caring for our cows

We have been supplementing their diet with flax seeds for more than 10 years to get the benefits of spring pastures throughout the year.

With Únicla you have the guarantee that the milk that comes to your home comes from cows that live in quiet and healthy environments, can graze outdoors and have stables where they can move freely to walk, eat or drink.
Our farms are the first in Galicia certified by AENOR Conform in Animal Welfare, based on the European reference Welfare Quality®, which aims to harmonize the social concern and the demands of markets to develop reliable tracking systems on farms, product information and improvement in animal welfare.
This new certification model evaluates in addition to the facilities, different parameters of the animals based on 4 principles: feeding, housing, sanitary status and behavior of the cows.
Animal Welfare is not only a part of the social responsibility policy, but also has a positive impact on the quality of the product.

Commitment to innovation and the environment

Únicla Milk has been awarded the European Prize for Cooperative Innovation. In addition, our farms are the first in Europe certified with the ISO 22000 standard in food safety.

Thanks to the innovation in the feeding processes, we get livestock that are more respectful with the environment. The Únicla farms reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. Únicla is the first milk certified by Aenor Medioambiente. This seal guarantees that the cycle of milk production Únicla (from our farms until the product arrives at your table) has reduced in 20% less the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere with respect to the production of conventional milks.

Leche Únicla la forma 100% natural de producir una leche de sabor extraordinario